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    We are in a new sermon series titled: "Facing Our Goliath."  We are using the story of David facing Goliath to give us strength to face some of our giant problems in life. Some of these issues we will examine are fear, rejection, anger, and addiction. I believe we will find insight and strength to either battle our own giants or find ammunition to help others with their battle. 

    This is a wonderful focus found in God's Word that you will not want to miss. However, if you happen to miss a week, you can request a CD of that sermon at any time. 

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Christmas Play

St. Clair Christian Church was pleased to perform Three Men and a Baby a short, humorous recounting of the gospel story of the birth of Jesus written by Jeff Parker/Nathan
Carlson and directed by one of our members.  Much fun was had
by all, and we look forward to next Christmas season and an equally fun time while presenting the
message of Jesus our Saviour! 

Choir members and drama characters are always needed. 




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